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Engineered Wood, Vinyl, and Cork Flooring Options in Ottawa

At Carastan Carpet Co Ltd, we’re pleased to offer high-quality cork flooring options in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Cork has excellent acoustic properties and is a warm, insulated flooring material. Cork is a softer floor, with a cushioning that's easy on the back if you're standing or walking a lot. We carry cork flooring from top brands such as:

Wicanders Cork Canada
Kraus Flooring

Cork is also an environmentally friendly material that is produced from trees, making it a renewable resource.

Engineered Wood

At Carastan Carpet Co Ltd, we are pleased to provide engineered wood flooring to our customers. Our engineered wood flooring is a cold fusion dry sawn wood surface layered on a plywood base. Engineered wood can be stapled, nailed, or floating, so it can be used below grade and on top of concrete, for example. We carry engineered wood from brands, including:

Fuzion Flooring
Kraus Flooring
Cornerstone Flooring


We offer laminate flooring at Carastan Carpet Co Ltd because of its easy installation, durability, and a wide choice of patterns.


All of our laminates flooring brands come with a manufacturer warranty. Our brands include:

GreenTouch Flooring
Fuzion Flooring



At Carastan Carpet Co Ltd, we carry a variety of traditional vinyl flooring as well as vinyl fibre flooring. FiberFloor® is a cushioned vinyl with an elasticity that remarkably seals itself if it's ever punctured. We have commercial vinyl tiles and vinyl plank flooring, as well.


These products come with a manufacturer warranty plus our 1-year installation warranty. The brands we carry include:



If you have any questions, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Need Inspiration?

Visit our showroom to see our wide selection of flooring samples.

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